Artistic Webcomic Recommendations

Hi guys, we are back with manhua and manhwa recommendations~

We know some of you might be looking to read something with a good storyline as well as beautiful art. We meant, who doesn’t? Here, we will give you top 5 artistic webcomic recommendations based on our personal opinion. 

They are so incredibly beautiful in arts and also storylines. Your eyes will be spoiled while looking  at the perfection of these arts and also remarkable storylines.. 

1. Ghostblade

In Neraland, 200 years of peace have passed since “Adam’s Heavenly War” between Humans and the Feather Race that came from the realm beyond the Heaven Eye. Ostin, the Savior of humanity, demands Yan the Ice Princess to be taken into his custody as her existence might be a sign of the dreaded Angel’s return.

But fate had other plans.

Ghostblade, a mysterious warrior of unknown origins encased in bandages, appears and foils the capture of the Ice Princess. Together, he and Yan now travel across lands in search of the truth of the past, and their destiny.

Well, we don’t have to say much about the arts. From these two pictures, we could see how much artistic and soul was put into it. This Webcomic captured our hearts as soon as we started to read the first line in the first chapter we read. Read it on Tapas and support the author.

2. Mystical

Wanting to become more independent and focus on his art, he moves into his grandmother’s empty house by the ocean. There, he meets his greatest muse: a mythical water creature with no memories of her past. Now it’s up to Garam to help her uncover what she has forgotten.
The same author who wrote Winter Woods. Seriously, guys, this series is so beautiful. This fantasy – romance genre affected our hearts just like how the Winter Woods series did. Full of emotional scenes, comedy, bitter-sweet romance, packed with beautiful arts. So we place this series as runner up. Read it on Webtoon.

3. True Beauty

A high school girl who rises to pretty girl fame in her school after she masters the art of make-up via YouTube.
Jugyeong, a normal looking girl learned the art of make-up from YouTube tutorials and showed up in her new high school looking like an angel. The handsome Suho and hot Seojun happen to have feelings for her. The art is so beautiful and we also will get some of the make-up tips here. Read this series on Webtoon

4. Pharaoh’s Concubine

She is a girl that everyone loves but she cannot speak of the love she has for her brother because her brother already loves someone else. In despair, she gets dragged into Ancient Egypt by a snake shaped bracelet that is engraved with a three thousand year old love oath. There, she meets the Pharaoh’s heir, a party boy…

This manhua captivated my eyes at first. I meant, who will not? While looking at a hot tanned guy with green eyeliners? The story told how the prince, later pharaoh, met this foreign girl who came out of nowhere (but actually she came from the future) . She was transported there because the bracelet given by her brother reacted strangely and made her vanished right in front of her brother’s eyes. Later on, she also vanished right in front of the prince’s eyes. Both the art and the storyline are really captivating. 

5. Twelfth Night

Flames spread like disease as the royal palace falls victim to murder led by greed and betrayal. Forced to escape from the catastrophe, two young survivors seek help from a courtesan of Yu Hyangru. To reclaim what has been lost, the plan is set within the heroic guise of the Crimson Moon. However, as the mysteries of the past begin to resurface and dark secrets start to unwind, a cruel fate awaits for each and every encounter.

The king is dead, and his concubine tried to kill both the queen and the young crown prince, Hwi Lee. The young crown prince, then managed to escape together with the bodyguard named Juk Lee and a courtesan. As they grew up and ready to take the throne back, Hwi Lee is entangled in a love triangle between the royal minister’s daughter, Dan Ah and Won Lee, a guy who is in love with Hwi Lee when he disguises himself as Nabi, a female courtesan. 

Well, we hope you guys like these artistic webcomic recommendations. Please bear in mind that all of these are based on our personal opinion and don’t count as real global or rank amongst readers. Comment down below to share more artistic manhua/manhwa you know.


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