Holiday Destinations After Quarantine is Over: Visit Indonesia, Other Than Bali part 2

In the previous article of part 1, we explored some of the destinations around Sumatra Island. Now it’s time to move to Java Island. Some of you maybe already know that the current capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is located o n Java Island. And also is the island where the biggest Buddhist temple, Borobudur is located.

Just in case some of you didn’t know what is Java Island looks like,

Jawa (Image is taken from Google)

This island has been chosen as the Best Island in The World of 2018 in a travel magazine called Travel and Leisure. And now, let’s get into the list and find out the best destination idea if you plan to visit Indonesia after this pandemic is over.

1. Thousand Islands in Jakarta

Jakarta- Image is taken from The Jakarta

We know you will scream at us when you see Jakarta is on the list. You imagine a perfect holiday destination, not the city life that you have been doing all these times. 


We will tell you why we put Jakarta on the list. Because this city, actually owns beautiful beaches too. There is a chain of islands called The Thousand Islands. It belongs to Jakarta territory, on the north coast of this city. Consisted of 342 islands, which make Jakarta, the only capital in the world owns more than 100 islands within the capital city.

One day will never be enough to explore the whole islands. 

We will name a few here, and you can find out the rest and decide later on.

Dolphin island, Image is taken from
Eco resort in Pulau Macan or Tiger Island image is taken from

There is also Princess Island, Hope Island, Tidung Island, Rainbow island, and many more you can choose from.

How to get there?

If you are from overseas, take a flight to Jakarta International Airport, Soekarno – Hatta. Then take public transportation, or a cab,  to Ancol port located on the North Jakarta. We suggest you to just download the app called Gojek or Grab will make it easier for you to order the ride.

Take the ferry or speedboat from the port to any island you want to visit. Or, you can choose to purchase the tour and resort package online before you hop into the cab.

2. Bandung

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After the beaches, now we move for a bit to Bandung, the capital city of West Java province with a hilly and mountainous area. Many tea plantations, recreational places, cafes, as well as volcanoes in this city.

You can choose to have glamping with your loved ones in Ciwidew or real camp while feeding deers in Ranca Upas.  From mountain trekking, or just strolling around this city which called Paris van Java. Bath in a natural hot spring, or choose any activities that suit you the most. 

How to get there?

If you are from overseas or other cities, you can choose a direct flight to Juanda International Airport. But if you are from Jakarta, you can take the train to Bandung from Gambir Station. The distance from Jakarta to Bandung is about 153 km or 3 hours, although we heard there will be another speed train available soon from Jakarta to Bandung that will take you only 35 minutes for the ride.

3. Prambanan Temple

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Prambanan Temple, located in Yogyakarta, a special district in Indonesia because still ruled by the Sultan until today. This temple complex was built around 850 CE, during Hindu dynasty, called the Sanjaya Dynasty. And the famous Borobudur Temple which is located in Magelang City is just about 52 km away from Prambanan Temple.

While you are at Yogyakarta, you can visit Malioboro street. This place is famous for its street foods and street musicians. This city is full of arts and heritage, and don’t forget to buy Batik before you go home. 

How to get there?

Yogyakarta is served by Adisucipto International Airport. We recommend you choose your stay in a local hotel or hostel near Malioboro. Normally, there will be a lot of travel agents around that place with many packages to go to Prambanan and Borobodur in one go. But, we suggest you not take this package, as you need to go to both places separately to enjoy the view. Prepare your hat, umbrella, and wear your comfortable shoes to visit the temples.

4. Telaga Warna Lake

4. Telaga Warna Lake

Is the lake color blue? Yes. Is it green? Also yes. But some people witnessed this lake changed its color into yellow, and even colorful like a rainbow. Yes, this lake often changes its color because this lake contains really high sulfur. So, whenever the color will change when the sun rays shine onto it and make it appear as the lake is colorful. Located in Dieng Plateau, 2000 meters above sea level, this place also has its own legend. Fresh air, beautiful natural scenery, this lake is worth visiting. It is advisable to leave the hotel early and reach there before noon, as it will be covered by mist during early noon because of the high altitude.

How to get there?

From Yogyakarta, you can just take the public bus to Magelang and then change for Wonosobo. After that, take the minibus to Dieng village. If you drive by yourself, parking areas also available on the site. Wonosobo is only 25 km from Yogyakarta. 

5. Mount Bromo

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Mount Bromo, the name was taken from the Hindu God, Brahma by Javanese pronunciation, become Bromo. Mount Bromo is an active volcano located in East Java. Last Eruption in 2016. Despite being volcanic, Mount Bromo has its own charm. That makes people from around the world still visit this place especially to witness the spectacular sunrise. 

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Bring your loved ones to witness this breathtaking view in the peak of Mount Bromo with 5 -10 degrees celsius at dawn, and 15 – 20 degrees celsius at noon. Ride extreme jeep and try to explore the sea of sand by horse-riding, when you visit this place. 

How to get there?

This route is provided by

By Air

You can fly with Sriwijaya Air, which flies twice daily to Malang from Jakarta. There are also many flights from airlines such as Citilink and Batik Air that fly daily from Jakarta to Surabaya.

By Land

There are multiple ways to get into the park. Visitors can come from Probolinggo through the village of Ngadisari. They can also take the northeast approach via Pasuruan through the village of Tosari. The third, which is a more difficult approach, is via Ngadas.

The Probolinggo approach is the easiest and by far the most popular route, especially if the visitors are traveling by public bus. Wonokitri is the closest and the easiest approach if you are coming by private vehicle from Surabaya (5 hours journey). Once you arrive at those villages, you have to rent 4×4 vehicles in order to get closer to Mount Bromo.

Most tour groups from Surabaya stay overnight at Tretes, where there are a number of hotels, as there are in Malang, which has the added advantage of having an airport. Alternatively, you can also contact a travel agency to arrange your trip.

Get Around

Many visitors choose to walk while they arrive at the park. There are clearly marked tracks across the sand sea that leads to the foot of Mount Bromo. Alternatively, you can rent a jeep or hire a horse from Cemoro Lawang to get around.

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