The Grandmother’s Love

That night, the wind was blowing so strong outside. It was the rainy season, and I thought it was going to rain. I curled on my bed like usual. My sister, who usually sleeps with me, suddenly went to sleep in her own room after our fight in the afternoon. 

I was listening to my playlist with low volume when the door of my room suddenly opened. I didn’t bother to look at it but I knew it opened slightly…

I thought my sister had finally come back to sleep with me.She was known for being a scaredy cat and never sleeps alone even when our parents provided her own room. Her room always remained vacant. I thought she was too quiet and I started to giggle. 

Still curling on my bed with my back facing at the door. Didn’t even bother to look at her.

“Pfft…you finally come back here, I know you can’t sleep without me.” But she didn’t answer.

“Hey sis, are you still angry? Then why do you come back here?” Still not answering.

Honestly, I felt a chill on my back that time. But I thought it was because she opened the door of my room. She still hasn’t climbed to my bed, what is wrong with her?

Ah, she is so stubborn. I turned around ready to make fun of her. Then…I saw…

No one.


So strange. But my door was opened.  Then I stormed off to her room, ready to scold her. Because letting the door open will make the mosquitoes enter my room. Her door was locked. I knocked on her door violently. Until she opened it. “What do you want?” She asked me with sleepy eyes.

“No, what do you want? You entered my room and left. Leaving the door open making the mosquitoes enter my room freely. You wanna kill me by using mosquitoes, huh?” I barked at her. She was confused. And annoyed.

“I was sleeping the whole time!” she said

Huh? No it’s not possible. I was so sure she opened my door. And plus, she never sleeps alone.

“Are you sure? Then who opened my door? I thought it was you.” She shrugged then went off to her room and closed the door. Right in front of my face.

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I went back to my room then suddenly I saw the door of another room opened a bit. My parents should be sleeping around that time. I thought they were still awake and maybe it was also them who opened my door earlier. So I changed my direction to their room. Just wanted to see them for a while before sleeping.

Their room was so dark.I saw my mom was sleeping. And my dad was snoring. They were both asleep. With the door opened? Alright, I will close the door for them.  Won’t let those bloodthirsty mosquitoes bite my parents.

Suddenly my hand froze.

There….I saw someone was standing in the dark. That person stood there at the end of my parents bed. Thin woman, with a fragile looking figure. Long wavy hair just like my mom. But my mom was sound asleep there. Until I remember. That person was someone I knew.

Actually, I can’t see her face clearly since the room was so dark.

But I recognized her. It was my grandmother. With a shaky hand, I closed the door and ran back to my room.As soon as I’m in my room, I jumped back to my bed and hid myself under my blanket. Because I remembered…

My grandmother passed away a few days ago.

To be continued~

-Written by SIA


Hi, I am Sia. I'm just a mere mortal from planet Earth. I love seafood and my hobby is writing.